Hustle at the Science Lab Detroit – Betabunker

A collaboration between Agnès Villette and Grégoire Dupond.

Data and personal information have become a major part of our lives due to the digital threads we disseminate through our use of social media and online buying. Scandals and revelations touching the use of private information have gradually expanded public awareness. Data is sensitive to hacking, commercial use and identity violation. In Betabunker, artists Villette and Dupond visually explore a decommissioned nuclear bunker which has become one of the biggest data centers in Scandinavia. Hidden away from states, hackers, and supposedly safe from cyber attacks, thousands of computers are processing information or mining cryptocurrencies such as Ether or Bitcoin. In the grey zone of underground secrecy, our future is being designed and redefined by technologies. Using analogue photography, a 360 camera, and VR animation film, Betabunker provides a rare insight into a dystopian world in the making.